Friday, March 4, 2011

Choke This MK2

You know a part is being especially recalcitrant if you try to hard-wire bypass it and it still acts up. And that is exactly the case I am in with my MK2. The ASC, or automatic starting choke, had been operating not just at starting time. But at all times. It would not switch off causing an especially rich running condition.

This could be one of two things. A faulty temp switch, which give funky readings at the best of times. Or a faulty solenoid. Mine is the latter. It has a short inside of it so that even with the ground wire removed, it still stayed powered. Ugh.

So, this very cheap modification could not be done without also putting in a new $101.00 solenoid.

Sure, this is not original but it is well known that these chokes stick and that is no good. Mine was sticking to the point of making my oil smell of gas. Not good for bearings and rings. I drive this car a lot, so anything that is easily reversible but helps with drive-ability and reliability it is a good thing.

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