Monday, February 28, 2011

2558 - 2550

Adrian Streather's comprehensive 911SC book which I own( and you should too if you own an SC) and refer to often has the SC's weight pegged at 2558lbs. That is not too light. My race prepped 944 weighs in at 2450lbs.

So, I was wondering what my 82 SC Targa weighed. And remember my Targa has a fiberglass ducktail, radio delete, complete A/C delete including all hoses and brackets, lightweight door panels and minimal carpeting.

2550lbs was the weight with a quarter tank of gas. So figure that is about five gallons of gas at 7lbs a gallon for 28lbs of fuel. That puts the car weight at approx. 2525lbs. What the heck! You would have thought my car is 200lbs lighter than a stock SC. I bet it is. Because I bet the weight in Streather's book is a completely dry weight. Whatever. Now I know what it weighs.

But I do have to say that it has put the bug in me to remove even more weight from it...

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