Saturday, August 14, 2010

Why I am Not Working on My Cars...Kerf

We are replacing the cabinets in our kitchen with some custom units from Kerf Design. They do some amazing stuff, we are utilizing only a small portion of what skills they have.

Kerf offers a complete, done option. Or, what we chose, a DIY kit. They build your cabinets then break them down and ship them. My small kitchen weighed 1,800lbs. Wow. You can see the huge boxes that prevented me from even opening my garage for a few days.

The instructions they provide are pretty good. But there are some things they missed. They say all the braces that need to be 'screw block clamped' are pre drilled. They are not.

Also, none of the bases were labeled. They give no instructions on how to attach cabinets to bases either. It is easy. But, it would be much easier if they just included these few extra steps.

And the drawers, their instructions are super confusing. It is far easier to grab a drawer rail and just put it up to the drawer to see how it works. And, you will see in the above photo there are lots of options for screwing the slider to the cabinet. They do not tell you which one to use. It took a while to figure out it was the rear most top one. At least this proved consistent across all drawers.

All the above are minor annoyances and do not mar my love of the cabinets. It is just that it would have taken Kerf five minutes to explain this stuff. I understand most of the DIY units go to professional contractors who might have a better understanding of cabinets.

It is not quite as easy as just glue and screw as they say. But it is not as hard as replacing the rear suspension on a 944 that is for sure.

A nice touch is the inclusion of plugs to finish off 'screw block clamp' holes. It is this sort of detail and finish that had us spend the extra money for these custom units over those from IKEA. That and they are truly custom and built with solid components.

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