Saturday, March 20, 2010

944 Race Engine Sealants and Baffles

Wow. You start big projects like this and never think you will see the day that they will come to a conclusion. And sourcing and managing the race motor build has been a lot of fun.

The last few steps are taking shape. One of the biggest is the addition of a Lindsey Racing oil pan baffle. This stops oil surge and starvation in long sweeping left hand turns. As I have noted earlier, the 944s are super reliable except where it comes to oil starvation to the #2 bearing. I love the welds on the aluminum, although not as perfect as the welds on a thin wall Cannondale bicycle frame, they are beautifully functional.

Interesting note, my publisher Kevin Clemens, said when the 944s where new, they would use them for tire testing and that nothing was more reliable for them. The 951s, he noted, were a different story.

A couple of sharp eyed readers, Dare and Freporter, asked about the sealant being used ont he case as it did not look like sealants they were familiar with. David at 944 Motorwerks told me the following, "Permatex 51813 is a direct replacement for Loctite 518, as Permatex bought out Loctite. Porsche recommends in manuals Loctite 574 which is obsolete." This new sealant, as the Permatex website points out, is an anaerobic gasket maker.

Also visible in the pics is the oil pan also modified to accept a real oil temperature gauge. I chose a short sweep model from AutoMeter and will update on its install in the future.

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