Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grassroots Motorsports Page Filler

I was ecstatic that Grassroots Motorsports featured me as their NASA member profile. It was odd but fun to be written about, instead of being the one doing the writing.

Pick up an issue today to read about me, or better yet to read about their $2009/$2010 challenge. A much better way to spend money on a cheap car than LeMons racing.


Tim said...

Saw the piece when GRM appeared in my mailbox last night. I thought, "Hey, that's the blog guy!". Congrats on the exposure. Too bad they didn't list your blog link!

GRM is a great mag.

Kevin Gosselin said...

Thanks Tim,

Glad you enjoy the blog. And GRM is a fantastic mag for us financially challenged racers. They didn't list the blog, but they did mention my book which is great by me.