Friday, October 23, 2009

New(ish) Car WTF. First in a Series

It is too easy to make fun of the odd option or piece of trim on a vintage car. Things were not so focused group to perfection back then. There was some room to make a creative error. But in the past ten days big creative faux pas are hard to allow.

Take the hairsute, and if you don't know what hairsute means have the small children leave the room before googling, dash of the Nissan Cube.

I like the Cube. It is quirky. It is right sized. It looks fun. And fun is one thing that most cars are lacking. The outside of the cube is darling. As in dah-ling. Really, it is fun just to see one parked in the lot.

But the inside, to keep costs down of course, is a bit bland. The upholstery has a rather wind-whipped sand dune appearance. OK, there are lots of bad cloth interiors in cars. PASHA from Porsche not being one.

But on the dash of the cube is a curios oasis of carpet. As if the whole dash was rather furry and got a brazilian from the designers. What do you do with the fur pie? Rub it. Place your phone on it. Have it keep your bagel cozy warm. I really am at a loss.

So, next time you see a cube, peek inside. But don't blush, even though it is like looking up a woman's skirt.

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