Monday, August 10, 2009

Track Debut for 944SPEC #901

After six months of non-stop work I finally got my car on the track. A rare weekend lapping day at HPR. It was fantastic. There was only 12 cars at the track. It was like having a private session. Great times.

Since I built the car, I was a little leary about the build quality. So the first few laps were in the 2:38 range. Pretty slow and the car was really oversteering. 

Came in and adjusted the rear sway bar a half inch softer and went back out. What a difference. The car was pretty well balanced now and able to slowly build speed. Getting the times down to the around 2:25. Obviously lots more time needs to be spent adjusting shocks and tire pressure, but overall I was very pleased. It is such a fun easy car to drive except, the brakes.

Wow, I have no idea what pads are on the car but they are not good. I flushed the brakes twice too. But man, after two laps they were softer then an undercooked flan. So, I ordered a set of Hawk pads and ATE Blue. With decent brakes, chopping 5 seconds off a lap should be no problem at all.

My friend Chris came with me and certainly pushed the car harder then idea. I guess he has more faith in my wrenching skills then I do. 

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Ben said...

Congratulations! Must be satisfying.