Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fried Chicken Dinner

Been a poke since I posted about food. Trust me, I am still trying to eat as well as possible, but that does not always mean high society style.

Case in point, Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte. For $6 you get a breast, wing, two hush puppies, a grip of tater tots and some cole slaw. Packets of ketchup are $.05 extra. That's right, you have to pay five cents to get some ketchup. How awesome is that!

No chairs inside. We ate outside, in a light mist, resting our boxes on top of the newspaper stands. The food was better and more honest than the meals we had at Blue or Zink, two of the supposedly best restaurants in Charlotte. 

Note, KFC is Nicolas Cage to Price's Elvis. A cheap imitation. 

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