Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rear Sway Bar Install. Jenky Repair Ramps

Race Program has the budget strapped. STRAPPED. So, when it came to install the rear sway bar I was one minute away from buying some ramps. You need to install the bar while the wheels are loaded.

But, right before I got into my car to go to the parts store, I looked across the street at the house under renovation and the dumpster full of scrap wood. Nailed a few boards together and voila, instant rear sway bar installation tool. I call this PFRLWT. That is Porsche Full Rear Load Wooden Tool. 

Worked a treat. Have not driven fast enough around yet to gain a feeling for the thing though. 

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Gosselin10 said...

r u related 2 gosselins jon and kate and their twins and sextuplets?!