Saturday, June 27, 2009

Torsion Bar Removal

Began the oft discussed, oft dreaded, oft reviled torsion bar and bushing replacement today. Solo.

My mechanic is in Australia. And by mechanic, I mean my only friend who knows how to wrench on cars.

I took it really slow. Got the unit out in about 7 hours. And I mean slow. But it did take 2 hours to clean all the gunk off the axles so they could be removed without worrying about stripping the bolts.

Also, another hour spent figuring out a way to stop the brake lines from leaking. What I wound up doing was epoxying shout a 10 x1.00 bleeder valve and stuck that in the end of the stainless line. No leaking. 

The unit looks massive with trailing arms attached but probably only weighs around 150 pounds. Not too bad to muscle around by ones self. The wife is preggers, so I can't even ask her for help anymore. 

I did decide to delete the e-brake. Just more stuff to worry about and the car is a dedicated track car now. As I type my hands and back are feeling a bit arthritic, so we'll see how it goes in the AM when I tackle removing the old bushings and installing the new.

Let me end with, this is not that hard of a job. Do it if you have been procrastinating.

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