Friday, June 26, 2009

Rocky Balboa is the Pontiac G8 GT

Indulge me here for a minute. I watched Rocky Balboa aka Rocky 6, last night. I enjoyed it. But, it got me thinking, what with all the GM static on the news, that Rocky 6 was not unlike say the new Pontiac G8 GT.

Rocky 6 was overlooked because Rocky 4 and 5 did so much damage to the franchise. Not unlike the 1985 Parisienne (the car that launched a thousand donks) or the 1993 Lemans. Cars that GM and especially Pontiac built had over the years made the brand irrelevant. So even when the they came out with a 360 horsepower rear wheel driver sedan that thrills the driver, no one cares. Like a tree falling in a forest, no one hears it if no one is around. 

So, buy a G8 GT if you are in the market, you can get a good deal. And, watch Rocky Balboa, its a sympathetic, fun, nostalgic film.  

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Ben said...

Good analogy.