Sunday, March 1, 2009

We Don't Need A Stinkin' Repaint. Oxidation Banished.

The Brown Bomber 944 was an eyesore. Sitting in the driveway with paint that was more oxidized than a 1966 Lafite left open on the counter for a week. It was ashier than Angela. It's beauty was more faded than Brigitte Bardot's. It's sable brown metallic looked more muddy river bottom.

So, I picked up a very inexpensive rotary polisher. An ADT model available at many places. Than did some research at autopia and got to it. I had never used any sort of machine polisher before so it was good to practice on a junky car. Lots of stories of burning paint and leaving holograms. I think most of the issues come on newer clear coat cars. The single stage paint is much more forgiving.

I started with the Meguiars M04 Heavy Cut Polish on a wool bonnet. I kept the speed at about 1200 RPMs. It was amazing how good the paint looked as the M04 polished down. The paint was smooth and shiny. I could have stopped there but I then applied Prima Swirl with a short napped wool bonnet. This product I had some issues with. Maybe it was because I used wool and not a foam bonnet? But It just seemed to gum up, although it did remove some more fine scratches. Finally, I hand applied some Klasse. 

The change is amazing. The paint is still a disaster with lots of chips and scratches but it looks a thousand times better. Just look at the difference in the hood that I did not work on. (this will be painted to match the wheels when the weather gets warmer). 

So, now that I have the equipment I can't wait to tackle some detailing projects on my 911, Boxster and wife's A6. 


Anonymous said...

What a difference! I'm excited to see the results on the Boxster and its newer paint.

I've been following your blog for a few months now and as a fellow foodie/writer/car enthusiast, I look forward to every post! Nice job

Kevin Gosselin said...

Well, thanks Evan. Appreciate the support. I have a lot of fun writing the blog and its great to hear at least someone else enjoys it.