Saturday, March 7, 2009

Passed Emissions. Whew.

After getting an alignment at Eurosport I was finally able to have the Brown Bomber in a state of repair that I could take it to get an emissions test. Since the guy I bought the car from did not need emissions in his county I was quite worried about the test.

The last thing I wanted to do was splash out a few hundred dollars for a new Catalytic Converter that I would then take off the car so I could go racing. That would have blown more than private schooler in prison.

After reminding the emissions "tech" that the 944 is not a front wheel drive car the test was under way. And then it was over in a flash. The car did not just pass. It "fast passed" in about 30 seconds with numbers well under the limits.

So this bit of good news helped temper the realization that I need new tires, shocks and a radiator before I can take the car out and run it in anger. Or even mild annoyance.

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