Saturday, February 21, 2009

Properly Bushed

Shiny new old parts. Nothing better. Like giving the dog a bath. A bit of a pain, but once done you're sure happy you don't have a salty smelling dust bomb traipsing through your home.

I especially like the fruit bowl in the background. My homage to every home magazine that puts an overflowing fruit bowl in every shot. The controls arms went back in the car simply. 

The steering rack with new bushings was a bit of a chore. More so because I forgot to align the bolt indent on the steering rack shaft with the bolt hole on the intermediate shaft. Don't make my same mistake. Line it up.

While I was ordering up parts I also sprung for the $3 shifter ball bushing. This made the shifter quite a bit more positive in action.

Next on the list is an alignment. 

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