Sunday, November 2, 2008

You Wouldn't Eat A Lobster Tail Shell On...

would you. No. So why do people insist on eating celery with the stringy exoskeleton intact. Laziness. Pure and simple.

It takes only a few minutes to remove the strings from the back of a full bunch of celery with a veggie peeler. Try it. Celery is transformed from an annoyance. To a delight. From accidental dental floss. To bright, clear note. And don't forget to use the leaves of the celery too. Suffice it to say, Peeling celery is never an 'option' in a recipe. It is a 'needed'.

Use peeled celery and leaves with:
Blue cheese and jicama
Tuna fish salad
Added to a BLT

Oh, and although I am a big fan of celery I do not approach the fetishism of Art Frahm who always had his panty dropping girls holding a bag with a loose bunch of celery in it. Odd. But delightful.

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