Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mile HIgh Autocross

I did my first RMR region PCA autocross this weekend. Unfortunately, it was the last one of the year. But great weather. A tight, tricky (hence the event name Trick or Cross) course and no breakdowns made for an enjoyable outing. I drove my SC but let a friend of mine drive the Boxster. As expected, he bested me by just a tick under 3 seconds. 

The Boxster did very well. The SC being bone-stock had a lot of push in the slow speed turnarounds. A lowering would do wonders. But than, it would not be as the Germans designed and American safety standards dictated.


993C4S said...


I've never done an autocross, but have contemplated it for a while. Would you recommend it?

Kevin Gosselin said...

For sure. Doing an autocross is the easiest, best, simplest way to get into driving your car fast in a safe environment.

And if you do it through the PCA, it is a nice, calm affair. With SCCA it can be a bit rowdy.