Thursday, July 24, 2008

Time To Change The Logo

I have not posted about ads in quite a long time, but feel forced to do so. Cars are soooooo much more interesting than most ad chatter. And after a day trying to create some great stuff I am often too tired to do anything but lose myself in a glossy auto mag. But after a business trip to Chicago, I do recco Primehouse for steak and fill your own donuts, I was driving home on Pena Blvd(a miserable stretch of well-patroled highway) and spotted a Sherwin Williams truck with the above logo.

I had never thought of it before, but with the Greening of everthing, it did cross my mind that their logo is a bit, shall we say, politically incorrect. I thought so. So I went to the Sherwin Williams website where they have a green initiatives page.

What was shocking was that at the bottom of the 'green initiatives' page was quick paragraph about how the logo is meant to show 'we protect the buildings of the world'. Yeah, but it looks like you are giving Mother Earth a bad dye job. And what was odder, was that there was no mention about how people have complained about the logo. It was just a defensive bit of copy under their own bit of green washing. Shame on you Sherwin Williams. Change your logo. Besides, no one will miss it as it is a** ugly.

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