Saturday, July 26, 2008

Classy and Safe - Roadtrip Gem

So, Nickie and I are on the way in our Porsche(the Boxster not the 911SC as no air)to my book signing in Minneapolis and we are 9 hours into a 13 hour drive. A bit past Omaha. Feeling tired. And down. We needed a pick me up. And that is exactly what we got in the form of this roadwarrior.

Let us start with the helmet. Now, Minnesota does not have a helmet law for all adults, but this guy thought he was going to be safe. So he rocks his skid lid Yarmulkes style. This won't do a very sound job of protecting his frontal lobe.

Now the shirt. I agree, it can get sultry in July(remember, we took the Boxster not the 911 due to tha A/C) so go ahead cut the sleeves off your plaid shirt. That is OK. But to also crop it to the length of a preteen Hannah Montana shirt is a bit much. And this guy knows it so he is trying to keep the shirt down with his left hand. Let's hope he does not need to grab the clutch quickly. He is showing the ladies his manness though. And the touch of red boxer short is just as appealing as a flash of whaletail from a cougar.

Finally, I would not tailgate this character as he has his black leather bag(notice I did not say gym bag as you don't have to be Poirot to know this man does not workout) unsecured.

Yes, this little gem kept us laughing for miles and miles.

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