Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reacquaint Yourself with the Gimlet

You tart summer sundowner. A drink to be had, yes, when the sun is setting and the heat has abated to the point a seat outside is wanted. Not punishment. And I shamelessly steal the term sundowner from the very, very good novel A Debt to Pleasure

I made my first Gimlet in about eight years. A father of one of my friends used to pound Gimlets of medicinal quality(lots of Rose's Lime Juice). They were never desired.

But some fresh lime juice and a distinctive gin can combine to make a super sipper. Cut one fresh lime in half, squeeze the entire half of one of these limes into a rocks glass. Top with 2-3, I prefer 3, ounces of Gin. My new fave is from Leopold Bros. Stir, fill to the brim with ice. Enjoy.

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