Sunday, June 29, 2008

Improve Your Retardation

Well, that is what servicing your brakes is all about. 

It was a busy weekend, with the radiator cleaning and a full brake run through.

Surprisingly, the brake parts are very affordable, $280 for pads and rotors all around. I got them at vertex auto.

The rotors came with the caps painted which is a nice extra that saved a few hours time taping and painting to avoid the rust. A cosmetic issue, but no one likes to see rust poking out from behind the Porsche design 17s. 

The brake change process is sooooo easy. The hardest part is removing the pad sensors without damaging them. Something best done with a steady hand and a very small set of needle nose pliers. Get a good grip, and pull straight out. I took my time and the whole process took me three hours. You could do it one hour if a gun was to your head. Or not, as a gun to the head might make some mechanics a bit nervous. 

That is an impact screw driver in the pic, about the only special tool you might need to remove the screws that hold the disc on while you are doing the job. I borrowed it from my neighbor who races a vintage dragster powered by a flathead with a 2-speed powerglide. Cool.

You certainly do not need instructions for this job but this gentleman has a super thorough write - up. 

Note, even I think the matching jack and jack stands is tacky. But they were on a good sale a few years ago.

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