Saturday, August 31, 2013

On. Track.

Two races today at LRP.

The rain held off and we dealt high humidity but a glare free driving experience under a gray sweep of a sky.

I qualified at 1:12 and change.

Both races today had me consistently running in the mid 1:10s. I was super happy about that. Especially as the tires are starting to settle in and provide consistent feedback. ACB10 AVONs for those who care about such things.

Was awesome to have Nickie and little G in attendance. In the attached image you can see the glamourous race set-up we have. Lunch on on open trailer. Across from us was an RV that would have made any rock star jealous.

The powder blue car is me.

A further treat was trudging up and back in the MK2. It caused quite a bit of buzz in the paddock as it contained all my tools, an instant tent, race gear, camera, etc, etc. Not the usual minty MK2 wiped with microfiber. This car works. Gratuitous covered bridge shot not withstanding.

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