Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Livery Love (Hate)

Here is a pic from about 8 years ago of the Spitfire racing.

Notice the striped livery. Seriously. Ugh. Almost kept me from purchasing.

Because unlike any other racing, the aesthetics of the car matter in vintage. It is as much paddock eye candy as it is on track tool. You've got to look the part - or at least I do.

The only reason I could see coming up with this scheme is that a significant other. Maybe a spouse, was always lamenting how difficult it was to find the car on track. Or, they are the old owner's prep school colors.

I also personally really associate BRG and Yellow with Lotus. So, on another marque, it rings hollow to my ears.

So, this coming weekend I hope to debut some new livery shots. New seat. New rondels.

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