Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cars & Coffee Boulder / Lafayette, CO 8/6/11 From Electric to Elite

I chose to trailer up my race car and put a sign in to try and recruit some folks to join, or at least look in to, 944 SPEC racing. I saw a few laughs from the people who prefer to polish their cars, but no real serious interest.

The highlights to me at this gathering were the electric Beck Porsche Speedster. Usually I am a small fan of replicas. But, this to me has all the right things about a replica going on. Pure electric power in the light and stylish Speedster body. Well done.

The other highlight was the lovely Lotus Elite. Just take a gander at that narrowing roofline and tidy Coventry Climax. So delicate. So fragile. Like the lead actress in the Black Swan.

Oh, and I threw in the Pagoda Benz because they are often overlooked but make a very practical classic. And in maroon it is especially fetching.

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