Thursday, July 28, 2011

M3 Hood Bulge Vulgar Show of Virility?

I kept the photos B&W to give them a perverse bit of Mapelthorpe arty-ness.

I walked past a BMW M3 with the ridiculous hood bulge and it just struck me as gross. Vulgar. Showy. Like a male animal puffing and grunting to gain attention of a female partner. Really, was there no other solution?

So, it struck me that the M3 bulge is really like a man in too tight of a pair of pants. Like Beckham above, or John McEnroe in the '70s. The bulge is the automotive equivalent of strutting around in a speedo, thrusting your ugly bits out for the world to see. 'Lookee here, I have parts that you can make sex with.'

Give me a car without a bulge any day of the week.


Gary said...

This from a man whose first car had a hood scoop on it the size of a zepplin hanger.

Kevin Gosselin said...

Hood bulge different than hood scoop. And I was 14.