Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTF Deaver? Bond in a Subie.

Seriously Jeffrey Deaver? Really. James Bond driving a new Subaru STI, blue no less, in Carte Blanche the newest continuation Bond novel. And you have him "becoming quite fond of it."


Not for all the flat-brimmed DC hats in the world would James Bond be happy to drive such a Bro vehicle as the STI. He is all about subtle style. Panache. Not peacocking. James looks ridiculous in that DC hat right? Well, he looks just as odd in an STI.

Sure James has been put in some questionable cars by continuation authors(Flemming never put him in anything but the classics) including a Z3 and Saab turbo. Why, oh why do continuation authors insist on tweeking Bond's character. Write a story with Fleming's Bond, not your idea of Bond.

But no one has made as egregious Bondian automotive error as you Jeffrey Deaver. You should be ashamed.

For the rest of the book, you should be ashamed as well. Yawn. Really, your plot for a Bond novel is based on someone locking up food donations to Africa? Bond caring about a potential loss of life of a few people? Really? Ugh. And, making Bond quit smoking. Guilt over women. And dress in loose fitting clothes. FAIL. You have removed all of his Savoir Faire. I love American Chardonnay's, but Bond would not. He would choose a white Burgundy.

And if you look at the reviews on Amazon you will see I am not alone in being shocked how Deaver f'd with Bond.

A Subaru? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH(he says screaming as he hurls his kindle against the wall.)

Thanks to Subaru and DC for photos. I did the hack PS job.

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Gary said...

I 2nd those remarks