Friday, April 1, 2011

Worst Porsche Classified Picture. Ever.

You were expecting a 924 with flames. Or a 928 with a Chevy in it. Right? That would be too easy. Too expected.

Not for this guy. Ok. This seller is hawking a pretty desirable, or on the rise, collectible Porsche. A 1978 930. That is a 911 Turbo for the non-Porsche lunatics. I noticed this ad on the Porsche mecca

Now what in the world would make you think, 'Hey, my shift knob is a little chaffed. I know, I'll just toss this Crown Royal bag over it and call it good."? You know what would make you think that? Having just drunk a bottle of Crown Royal with your most solid drinking buddy, probably after blasting up through 4th at a 140MPH. That sort of experience would give you the clarity to see how the faux velvet packaging of this mass-produced spirit would make a superlative shift knob. Momo? OEM Porsche? OMP? Pshhh. All bow to the power of a purple whiskey bag.

Besides the obvious drunk driving overtones, this reeks of over-moneyed, under-classed gad-a-bout.

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