Sunday, April 10, 2011

Front Bushing Refresh. Slight Differences. Slight Pain.

So, I went to get an alignment and the race shop said my bushings were compromised and I should replace them before wasting $150 on an alignment.

OK. Well then, those bushings only lasted about 7 race weekends. It was the front of the arm bushings that were particularly shot. The arm moves backwards and severely mangles them. There is no good aftermarket bushing for the front of the arm(Weltmeister discontinued their ineffective solution). The red Weltmeister bushings in the rear of the arm were in fine shape, but I figured why not spend the $17 and put in new ones of those as well.

Getting out the old front bushings is tedious. But installing them was a breeze using this threaded rod technique. Worked a charm.

It was when I replaced the driver side a-arm, I had an inkling it was bent a bit, that I noticed the new one was not the exact same shape as the old(original) arm. The Weltmeister sway mounts with hard plastic pieces that distribute the load and mark where to drill the arm. They fit the original arms perfectly. They did not fit the new arms perfectly, so I had dremel them down a bit to get them to sit in the same part of the a-arm. All new bushings should sharpen up that handling again and was what was probably responsible for the wheel wobble I was experiencing at the end of the season.

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