Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stylish Bullitt Gear

Steve McQueen has certainly gotten his fair share of coverage in the automotive press recently. Too much, some might say. And Bullitt is certainly a movie that has spawned a bunch of replicas, including a very lame Mustang

So now to the above pictured item. I do love a clever graphic T-shirt. Heck, working in an ad agency, I am surrounded by dudes wearing them.

So, when I saw this rollneck that was a new item on I just had to share. It is just so clever. A cotton shirt screen printed front and back with a holster. More costume than casual wear to be sure, but it would be fun to wear into a meeting with a blazer over it and just let the graphic peek out. (grandprixlegends also offers a Bullitt replica blazer).

I just wouldn't wear it through the airport anytime soon...

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