Saturday, November 13, 2010

Classic Spotting in NYC

I was in NYC the past few days on a photoshoot for one of my advertising clients. Yes it involved models in bathing suits. Yes it still feels like work.

Though the work part was lessened because of a great client, staying at the steampunk meets Victorian ACE hotel and meals at Momofuku and Spotted Pig. All fueled by coffees from Stumptown. An Americano from the latter feels more like taking part in a play, than it does in ordering a coffee because of the performance of making your coffee and carefully curated facial hair of the baristas.

On to the car spotting. Just a block away from the Spotted Pig, I saw this late chrome-bumpered MGB. The wheels on these always reminded me of the rims on certain Buicks. Sure the dash is a bit puffy and it rides a bit high, but to see this used as a car, not a collectible was pretty cool.

Then, on the next day I was in Williamsburg and when we pulled up to the studio this very nice Sherwood Green XK150 was parked out front. I thought, 'How f'n cool is that someone is driving this thing and parking it on the street?' But, several hours later I found out it was a prop for a photoshoot at the studio next door. Bummer. Still a nice car, but not anywhere near as cool since it was trailed to the studio. And I heard run, pretty rough. But, look for it to appear in a Saks Fifth Avenue ad soon.

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