Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back Date 911 = '32 Ford

It is with sadness that I have come to the conclusion that the early 911 look is as tired and boring as that of the ubiquitous 32 Ford Hot Rod.

Now, so you know I am not just a hater, I have a 911 and my father owns a 32 Hi Boy. But damn, I am just sick of all the hype around both of these cars. Like a new type of wash on denim all the variations. People trying to do something different that in the end, is not different. 

And it is pretty obvious at any sort of cruise, gathering, cars & coffee that both the 32 Ford and early 911 have lost their appeal. The only people checking them out are the other owners. "These are the French market driving lights, very rare here..." or "I had the guys at Pete and Jake do a special powder coat color for me..." Ugh.

The cars with the interest are the goofy ones. The rare ones. The odd survivors. Which, is really good. Because the cars that are interesting to the majority of auto hobbyists today are not just the expensive ones.

Anyone agree or disagree?

Photos from brembo on pelican boards and


longrooffan said...

I agree with your opinion. I would rather spend my time looking at an original 1963 Falcon station wagon. In reality, I usually just admire these types of cars from a distance as I walk up and examine a 61 Cadillac Sedan Deville.

Peter Russell said...

One's aesthetic can paralyze. I say, any car that speaks to you purely is worth owning, and damn fashion. I just bought a 1997 XJ-6 Van DP, and that's my passion. I would hope I wouldn't let fashion dictate if I dug other less 'cool' cars -- like, say, a 88 Gran Marquis.For years I drove a 72 Dart, purely for the feel of the car...yes, my wife hated it and thought I looked like a loser, but I didn't give a your PASSION, man...

motoringconbrio said...

i dunno. maybe it's because i'm not (yet!) in the club, i don't travel in these circles (pca/poc/r gruppe/etc), i am on the east coast, etc., but these are still unique, rare, and special to me. i almost never see these, and i can imagine them continuing to blow some minds at, say, an scca autocross or bmw cca track day. maybe it's different out west (which wouldn't be implausible).