Monday, October 25, 2010

I Park My Classic on the Street. Do You?

I had 3 people yesterday ask me if I worry about parking my car on the street. They caught me as I made some trips back to the car to put some booze purchased from Mondo Vino in Denver in the back. A rare and cheap($12!) Amaro from Miletti and a six-pack of Pumpkin Ale. I'm addicted to the stuff. Love them all except the one from Shipyard. Some people wait for the Pumpkin latte at Starbucks to return each year, I wait for the Pumpkin Ales to hit shelves.

Anyway. I do not mind parking the MkII or any of my other cars on the street. Heck, I enjoy it. I bought this car to drive and drive it I do. It is insured if someone were to hit it. Besides, I love just looking at it parked next to all the dull weekend transports of the Yoga pant-wearing fraternity who usually traipses around Denver on the weekends. 

Seriously, it is pictures like the above that get me excited about classic cars. Not the really posed ones. Or the ones of a shined up car in a line of others at a concours. 

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