Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Cat at Home.

After a long, tortuous and intense search for a family classic car I finally found one.

I thought I was priced out of MKII Jaguars, but was able to find one for sale in Mass. that fit the bill. And am over the moon about it. Even though I have not even seen it in the flesh. My brother taking care of the transaction as I am in Colorado.

It is a 3.8 manual with overdrive. Restored over the past decade. New interior from BAS. New wiring, motor overhauled, etc. All done to nice driver standards, not concours standards. It seemed that all the other MKIIs that I looked at were rusty piles or over-restored show cars. I didn't want a project and I didn't have $50,000. Or more, for something from the MKII gods JD Classics.

In opalescent blue with blue interior it looks the part. Like a boxer in a suit. Much, much more to come on this.

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