Saturday, May 1, 2010

Car Fail Day.

While not as epic of a fail as the above, I did have a car miserable day. Some days your the hammer, some your the nail. Today I was the nail.

It began when I opened my garage door. A couple of days ago I had drained the oil form my race car and had set the drain pan, filled with oil, on my garage floor. I did this so that I could put thread sealant on the temperature sensor.

Anyway. I open the garage door and I almost fell over because it looked like I my 911 had dumped all its oil on my garage floor. At closer inspection, I noticed the oil drain pan was empty. How the F did the oil get out? Well, it had a small crack in the bottom. Simple. Luckily I have a rubber floor in my garage so thought I could get away with just a messy cleanup. And it was messy. Ever try cleaning up 5 quarts of oil? It took two bags of oil absorbent. And a bunch of towels and rags. I thought I was done. Until I picked up the edge of the mat and saw that the oil had crept under the mat and covered a good 3x4 area. UUUUUUUGGGGHHHH.

When that was done. Went for a drive in the Wagoneer and noticed a drip. Smelled it, it was gas. Saw that the line connecting the hardline from the gas tank to the fuel pump was dry rotted. So, went and bought a couple of feet of house and went to replace it. I somehow was hamfisted and wound up getting about a quart of gasoline dumped on me when I swapped out the lines. I just threw those clothes away. MISERABLE.

Finally. I wanted to remove the end piece of the exhaust on my race car so that I could get a straightpipe welded in-place of the stock muffler to save about 15 pounds. Guess what. One of the three bolts was cross-threaded. NOOOOOOOOOO.

I wanted to do a couple of other jobs but decided to call it a day and enjoy a Colorado Native lager.

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