Sunday, April 4, 2010

More Wiring Removed & Check Your Hoses

In reference to the above pictures, I took some time to remove more of the nefarious, invasive wiring from an alarm and stereo in my 82 Targa. 

The alarm had the most tentacles. With leads going to the decklid, trunklid, glovebox door, lights, horn, etc, etc. I take a slow methodical approach when removing wiring. And this process paid off as each wire I removed I tested for proper ignition and lighting. When I removed one wiring, I noticed the fuel pump did not trigger. So, I made a jumper wire to take the place of the alarm wiring and everything worked as the overall clad workers in Germany intended. 

I do have a question to my readers? See the close up on the one wire. This was stuck to the shift rod tunnel with wires that led to the stereo and amplifier I previously removed. What is it for? Static? Ambient sound? What?

Check Your Hoses. So, with the first 944 SPEC race in less than a week I decided to start up the 901 and see if would run. I am using the old motor for the first race. Approaching the car I saw a puddle under the front that I thought was rain water or snow melt. But, it was antifreeze. Ugh. It looked like the plastic around the temp sender was cracked. So, I started the car in hopes it would make the leak more obvious. It did, once up to temp, I could see steam wisping from around the top radiator hose. A screwdriver set to the clamp proved it loose by three full turns! Was I limp wristed when I installed it last year? But, good maintenance to do. 

Now, to go get unraveled from all those wires...

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