Thursday, April 15, 2010

63,000 miles 911SC


The hibernation period for my much coddled and loved 1983 SC is over. We are having some beautiful spring weather in Denver and I wanted to drive her to work.

After being a bit dyspeptic upon startup, she soon cleared her throat and began singing her song of flat six. 

Ok, enough jargon. The car was a bit rough to start, but did run great after a few miles. I think it has more to do with 6 month old gas than anything else. So, I went and brimmed her to the top with Ethanol free gas from a Conoco in Lakewood. A rare find here in Colorado. And ethanol has a nasty habit of corroding the delicate CIS system.

Also on the drive in, the car ticked over to 63,000 miles. I bought the car five years ago with 58,000 miles, so 1k a year average. I've always had another Porsche that I use as my daily driver so I can keep this car in pristine condition. 

To switch and begin driving this car everyday would be like using a new razor blade each time I shaved. I can only appreciate how smooth and effective a new blade is if I push my current blade's use until it become scratchy. Same with my daily drivers. I drive the Jeep and my stripped out SC targa all the time. So when I step into the coupe and become enveloped by the smell of aging horse hair and leather. The look of patinated carpets. The touch of the original Blaupunkt knobs. The muffled thrum of a the stock engine. It all is that much sweeter.

Someone last weekend suggested I sell all four of my cars; the 82 targa, 944 SPEC, Wagoneer and this coupe and get a Cayman or used 996 GT3. They are nuts. Like eating the same thing everyday. 

Really, the only people who eat the same thing everyday are babies, prisoners in third world countries and the insane.

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