Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Name is Kevin, and I Like the Panamera

Prestige Porsche in Lakewood, CO had a preview Panamera event tonight during their yearly Oktoberfest so I scooted out of the office a bit early and went over to check it out.

It is big. It is imposing. The interior felt and looked like it was designed to withstand the tides wrought by the Bay of Fundy.

So yes, I do like the Panamera. I wish I could plunk for one today. And when I saw the sticker at $89k it actually seemed like good value. For that type of wedge you could get a base level S-class or this wonderful, new 4-place freight train. I know what I would choose. Sad to think if I sold all three of my Porsches at good prices I would still not have half the value of this wonderful creation. 

The one downer was that the example was in Silver with Black leather. A less inspired color combination eludes me right now. 

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