Monday, September 28, 2009

Race Day #1.

My first race is done. Body and car intact. A surprise after three hours of racing.

Nothing like jumping in with both feet and doing a three-hour enduro for one's first race.

It was a blast. Especially the start as they gridded by sign up date. So I was gridded sixth. With Corvettes, GT3 Porsches and several 400HP American Iron series cars behind me. They quickly got in front of me.

The engine and brakes were great. I believe I am down a little on power as the other 944s could walk from me on the straight but with 140,000 miles on the engine without a rebuild, that is to be expected. And the fact that a 140,000 miles engine can take 3 hours of racing, that is to be expected only from a Porsche.

The handling was OK. We had a bit of a push. The Hankook RS-2s, were good for about four laps then got a bit oily. Everyone else is running RA-1s. 

All in all a great event. The pitstops were fun too. Can't wait for my next race.

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993C4S said...

Glad that you and the 944 made it through things in one piece. Looks like fun!!!!