Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Like Losing A Limb. 325ix Sold

I would say the only downside of getting my race program up and running was having to sell my 1988 325IX. I need a four wheel drive truck that will double as winter commuter and tow vehicle.

This 27 front 63 rear split all wheel drive machine was the best bad weather car you can imagine. And the rarity of a three year only production run in the US made it a rather unique sleigh for when I played Santa Claus.

I drove Silver Spoons in only the nasty weather. Rain, snow, sleet. And it loved it. With all season Contis it was able to slice through the crustiest crust or slushiest slush. 

Nothing though is comparable to the feeling of passing SUVs in a 20 year old automobile that most people suspect is only RWD. 

If you ever have the need for a hearty winter car, I suggest you try to make an Ix, not an xi, a potential candidate and garage stable mate.

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