Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rear Suspension & Safety Devices

With some help from my neighbor for a couple of hours we were able to reinstall the torsion tube assembly. Lots of pushing and prodding as it was tight fit with all new Weltmeister bushings. We had to use several PWST (Porsche Wooden Suspension Tool) to get the jacks to give some persuasion. Two floor jacks is a necessity for this job.

I also tapped and bolted a tab to each torsion bar to ease in ride height adjustment. Otherwise known as torsion bar reindexing. SVO Chuck came over and gave it the OK and helped me reindex the bars, it took 5 minutes in the rain, to get to a ride height of 5.5 inches at the rockers. I can now corner balance the car.

Inside, I bolted in the harnesses and the right side net. The right side net is held to the firewall by an eyebolt with fender washer backings. I also installed a fire extinguisher mount where I could reach it while belted in. This will have to do until I can save up for a true fire system. 

I believe I will drive it to work on Monday if the weather allows.

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