Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rollcage Install & Misc. Items

Finally. A Saturday with no rain and no work so I was able to lean into the car and get quite a bit done.

First project, I don't have a pic, was cutting the 3" holes in the body so that the torsion bars can be adjusted without dropping the rear suspension. Why Porsche did not include access holes like on the 911 is beyond me. Seriously, it must have been to increase labor hours. Or, did they think no 944 would last long enough to require a torsion bar change? Anyway, that job went quickly.

Next, was getting the OG racing quick release to work right. For some reason, the nut they include makes it impossible to use the unit. I did not get a response from their customer service team. Which was anger inducing. So, I just trimmed the edges of the stock steering wheel bolt with a Dremel and voila, it works fine. Note, the new Dremel quick release and metal cutting wheels are a Brobdignagian(remember your Gulliver's?) leap forward from the fiber ones.

Then the Autopower rollcage. This was easy. Minus all the drilling. I broke two 1/4 titanium bits and almost my wrist when the bits would get caught up. And I did it myself in about 4 hours. In a stripped out car the job is easy. I will tighten it all up tomorrow. 

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