Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reduce Dash Glare and Cockpit Leaks

The aluminum dash I fabricated looked super fast, but the glare it created was super dangerous. I guess engine turned dashes look great on Hot Rods and Bentleys but not race cars. So, I primed and painted it flat black. Dash glare solved.

Then I noticed that I had a pretty robust leak into the cabin. We have had so little rain in Denver that I did not notice it until recently. But it must have been happening for some time due to the surface rust that was created in side.

I traced the leak to the junction of the battery tray and the circular water outlet pipe. I dremeled the old body sealant out of the way and replaced it with some good 3M weatherstrip adhesive. I then took the time to clean and POR 15 the battery tray and the inside area where the surface rust started. The clear shiny stuff in the pics in the POR 15. It drys to a shine. 

I also cleaned up the wires quite a bit more and cut off a bunch of not needed brackets.

Not too bad for say 3 hours worth of work.

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993C4S said...

I like the way things are shaping up. I'm happy to say I might have my own project car in the near future. looking at a '73 914 this weekend!!