Sunday, February 15, 2009

Power Window Delete.

Although most racing is done with the windows down or even out, I could not just pull the glass from the Brown Bomber as it does reside outside. So, I needed to put some sort of system in place that would keep the glass in the up position.

With Lexan or Plexi windows this is easy, you just drill a hole in the bottom of the window and attach your pull strap there. But I did not want to pay $300 or even $50 for lexan windows. So I think I came up with a nifty solution. I just added an aluminum bar that connects the tracks on the windows. I was then able to drill through this bar and attach my strap to this. 

For adjustment, I removed the catch from the strap I bought and screwed it to the door. This allows for a minor lowering of the window say, on the drive to the raceway.

I then added a safety catch at the bottom of the door.

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