Friday, January 16, 2009

A TV Show About Cars That is Good...

I watch Top Gear but I do not love it. It has its moments though. My Classic Car with Dennis Gage is a 100% disaster. He is bad. His crew is bad. His mustache is a joke. Motor Trend TV is so repetitive that it is unwatchable due to the nonstop puns, hack descriptions of power and the over the top host who styles himself a voice talent. If you can imagine the most boring person you know making a TV show, that is what Motor Trend TV is like.

The worst TV show about cars ever. And I mean ever. Is 101 Cars You Must Drive Before You Drive. This show makes My Classic Car seem like an Emmy winner. There is at least three shots in each episode where they shot into the sun and you can see the dirt on the lens. Have some respect for yourself people. And the host, a stand up comic knows as much about cars as the Bush administration knows about middle eastern culture. This show is soooooooooo bad it is unwatchable. And that is saying alot. I will read or watch most anything about cars. Like the movie Eyes Wide Shut. It was so bad I could not watch it despite the massive amounts of nudity.

Anything on Speed is too loud and too overproduced. Why all the yelling Pinks host and Tuner TV host? Enough. No one LIKES TO BE YELLED AT.

But now there is one very good TV show about cars and about how most of us enthusiasts engage with them. Most people don't race, buy cars at auctions, wax their mustaches or go fake tanning in their cars. What they do is buy them, tinker with them, and then sell them on to do it all over again. And that is exactly the premise of Wheeler Dealers.

Sure they do some dumb stuff like replacing the original Blaupunkt in a Cosworth Benz with a flashy CD player but overall they do exactly what most people do. Their best to make the cars better. And the two have genuine enthusiasm for cars, not themselves, which I can't say about any other TV show about cars. I only wish I could be the host.

Enjoy, and look up all the shows there.

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