Sunday, December 28, 2008

Few Hundred Dollars + Snowboard = New Porsche Race Car

It is true. I traded a few hundred bucks and a Never Summer(super sweet limited edition Coors
Link banquet edition) for a 1983 Porsche 944. A race car has never come so cheap.

And this is no run of the mill 944. It seems to have been destined to be a race car from the day the original New Mexico resident ordered it up, then picked the car up in Germany as a tourist delivery item.

The car has:
Option 456 the Sport Shocks and sways.
Option 220 the Limited Slip Differential.
No Power steering.
Fuchs wheels.

Those are the three most desirable options to have on a 944 NA that will be raced. I am just going to DE the car this summer and if I get hooked or make more money, I migh
Linkt do SPEC 944 next year.

Sure, the car is super filthy and the paint is more faded than the Corey's combined careers but it is a very solid base. Total mileage is 143k. Importantly though, the previous three owners took very good mechanical care of the car. It got new shocks and clutch at 100k. It wears fresh tires. I have all the service records back to 1988.

The big things it needs are the timing belt/water pump/balance belts(I am hemming and hawing if I will do this myself) and the brakes and clutch to be bled and new soft lines installed(I will do these for sure).

I spent about 7 hours today tearing out the interior of the car. Yuck. You don't appreciate how well screwed together a Porsche is until you try to take one apart. On my jenky scale I figured I took out about 210 pounds of stuff.

Oddity, it also has option code 666. I guess the guy who ordered wanted the devil riding shotgun.


993C4S said...


Can't wait to see what you do with this. Great find? Does it currently run?

How will Faston feel about having this in his garage?

Kevin Gosselin said...

993C4S, I think Faston would be OK with it. He might not sit in it though.

I am just going to get it mechanically strong and take it to the track.

Faston's influence will come in with the paint scheme. Should be fun.