Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A/C Delete Complete, Bonus Euro Bumper Depth Mod

After three days, and a total of 9 hours the A/C delete is complete. Thanks to the tech article on the spec 944 website I was able to create this super cheap bracket. I was wandering around the pick and pull yard looking for a suitable bracket and found a plain on on a mid-eighties Volvo. I kept looking though and found this toothed-washer bolt and bracket combo on a 91 VW Jetta. It works like a dream and really holds the alternator in place.

The picture above was taken from beneath the car and really shows how simple this is. The write up keeps talking about the 'top' alternator bolt, but the writer obviously meant the bottom one. Also, to get the belt tension right I had to use a pry bar between the alternator and the big bracket the alt is bolted to. The 5pk860 belt fit perfectly. I also had to twist the hose that goes to my radiator overflow tank so the alternator did not rub on it. Simple, but a big mess if you over look this.

Since it was 50 degrees in Denver today and being outside was so nice I also did the euro bumper mod. This was as easy as taking a 9/64 bit and drilling into the bumper supports, this way, the bumper can be pushed back to euro depth after it is installed. I did have an old towel that I held over the drill while I did the job because it does erupt with some force. It also made clean up very easy. In the above photo you can see how much deep the bumper is. I'd guess around 4".

Off to finish decorating my Buche de Noel cake. If it does not come out terrible I'll post a pick. Heck, making this cake was almost as complicated as the above work. Maybe more complicated.

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