Thursday, September 4, 2008

Upgrade Vs. Modified. Semantics.

Luckily. I guess for my pocketbook(or wallet/man purse) I am not one who goes in for changing out parts that the factory included on a car in the name of personal enhancement. In this, I am a minority. But I comfort myself with the fact that 100% original cars are always easier to sell and for more money than non-changed cars. Race cars being the only anomaly.

Now to my point of upgraded vs. modified. I cannot stand it when I see in classifieds or elsewhere cars described as possessing "upgraded rims, steering wheel, radio, lights, window motors, heater knobs, etc..." These are NOT upgrades. They are modifications. They change the nature of the car. From a factory original to something skewed to the owners own preference. Often to the detriment of something most do not understand, balance. Something Porsches have in spades over most every other marque. That is until you throw on a strut tower brace, 2plus wheels, etc. 

If you modify your car. That is your purview. Just don't call it an upgrade. 


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