Monday, August 25, 2008

Boxster Design Edition 2 - The Miami Edition?

Oh dear God!. I really like the Boxster. A lot. I like the Boxster S more. I dislike this Design debacle as much as I like dragging a pumice stone across my nether regions.

Watch the weblink here to a whole webisode. The shots of Santorini and windmills are pure German 80's advertising. As are the seagull sound effects and trance music. And the 80's is what makes this car reek. The white wheels. And I've seen tigers with less stripes. The interior is just as Don Johnson fresh with a white center console. Egad. The profits at Porsche have made them looney. 

Porsche tells us they are limited to 500 editions. I think they will be lucky to sell that many at full price. 

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