Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Paint Chips are for Suckers

If. And this is a big if. If I had the money there would be no way I would pass over the paint to sample option provided by Porsche.

How can it be that more people do not take up the few exotic manufacturers that offer this service up on it?

The British, they have the best word to describe such an option, bespoke. Bespoke, it is a word that should be whispered or said as an aside.

I want a bespoke Porsche. One that is only to my taste. One that is not decided by marketing or color theorists. Yes, car companies employ color theorists and color trend analysts. Very sad. Can't even this stage be handled by one's gut and a companies heritage.

For example, Porsche's current white is Biarritz White. Why not Racing White? 

What color would I pick? A pea green. A sickly, seventies pea green. A flat green. A green that would match the dark brown leather I would also choose. Would it be difficult to sell? Not to the right person.

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