Monday, July 14, 2008

Finally Done. Now Buy My Novel.

What an absolute relief after five years. My first novel is finally done. Did I mention it only took five years?

Hunt for 901 is the story of automotive hunter and gatherer Faston Hanks who finds missing cars that others can't. In this case, the Porsche 901.

I've gotten a ton of support to help make this happen. From my publisher of course, Kevin Clemens at Demontreville Press.

The editors of Total 911, who are featuring an excerpt in their magazine. As well as notes from several other mags.

The book launch will be at the Velocity: The Art of Motion show in Hopkins, MN at the end of the month.

With some follow-up hawking of the book at the Rolex Vintage Fall Festival at Lime Rock in Connecticut.

So do go ahead and order a copy up. The perfect read for when you are sick of working on your cars.

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Evan said...

i had no idea you were writing this, and i'm your cousin!