Thursday, July 17, 2008

Craigslist Gem

OK, let's see. You are selling a European sports car that is 11 years old and the few items you decide to highlight the excellent condition of your car are:

A new pollen filter and a new engine air filter? Regarding the pollen filter, these are convertibles and they get dirty inside. Seems foolish that the Boxster has one of these. And the engine air filter is a nice touch, but what about the rest of the 15k, 30k or 60k miles service. So that is a total of $40 of maintenance you did on the car. And tires, you can almost guarantee they are not the N rated tires these cars should get.

Not to mention any of the more serious Boxster concerns like RMS, Intermediate shaft or lower suspension arms. All maladies well detailed at

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